2D Shaders for Game Development: Code a Lava Lamp in Godot

In this class, we'll create a digital lava lamp using shaders in the Godot Game Engine, a lightweight, free and open source game engine. The goal here is play and experimentation: there are tons of possibilities for your lava lamp; the project is extremely customizable (think: base shape, speed, colors and gradients, amount of goo, glow).

We’ll be writing our lava lamp code on a Sprite node in Godot’s shading language, which is very similar to GLSL, the widely used OpenGL shading language. At the end of the class, we’ll create a seamless GIF loop of your custom lava lamp in action to share to the project gallery. As a bonus, I’ll even show you how you can run your lava lamp on your desktop while you do other things.

This class serves as an introduction to 2D fragment shaders, which are often used in game development to achieve neat visual effects that run rapidly on the GPU via parallel processing, meaning many points are processed by the code individually and simultaneously. Being able to write shaders is a valuable skill that can add a lot of flair to your game projects, and after creating the lava lamp, you’ll have a good understanding of how they work!

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