Getting Started in Game Development: Develop Strong Video Game Ideas


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Class Description

In this fast-paced game design and narrative design crash course, you'll learn about 5 techniques for player engagement (ludonarrative scaffolding) and 2 routes to player immersion (transportation and flow) that make your games more fun. There's no coding required at all. If you're looking to learn about game development, game design, narrative design, or just need to come up with game ideas and brainstorm video games, this class is for you.

We'll analyze Undertale, Celeste, Skyrim (and Skyrim Grandma / Shirley Curry's emergent storytelling), Eastshade, Stardew Valley and more along the way as examples. You'll apply these concepts to a video game idea you generate, which you'll develop and strengthen over the course of this game design class.

We'll discuss everything from Uncharted's ludonarrative dissonance in games to Mario's difficulty balancing, with World 1-1 as an example.

For your class project, you’ll be brainstorming game ideas and choosing at least one idea to strengthen using ludonarrative scaffolding.

Personally, I recommend a blank sheet of paper and a bunch of markers or pens. Whatever medium you choose, make sure you feel creatively free when you’re using it—if you can’t express yourself using arrows, colors, or whatever else you like to use, your brainstorming medium might be holding you back, and we don’t want that.

Once you’ve finished the class, you’ll upload a photo of your game idea for feedback.

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