In addition to creating games, Innkeeper Games makes classes and tutorials for game developers and creative coders to glowing reviews from students.


Note: All classes have multiple enrollment options, including a free option for anyone who would otherwise be unable to access the them. If there are any other barriers preventing your access, please feel free to reach out (contact@innkeepergames.com).

Develop Strong Video Game Ideas

In this fast-paced (30m) game design and narrative design crash course, you'll learn about 5 techniques for player engagement (ludonarrative scaffolding) and 2 routes to player immersion (transportation and flow) that make your games more fun. There's no coding required at all. If you're looking to learn about game development, game design, narrative design, or just need to come up with game ideas and brainstorm video games, this class is for you.

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Make a Moving Player for a Top-Down Game or RPG with Godot

A laptop sits next to some ivy and a salt lamp. The Godot Engine logo is in the corner.

For those getting started in game development, game engines and coding, this short(34m) class teaches the basics of character control for top-down and RPG formats, including straight and diagonal movement and speed. Many of these concepts can be applied to other types of games as well!

I will use a free and open source game engine (Godot) for this course. With its new update, Godot is comparable to Unity or Unreal Engine; its purpose is to help us make games by providing frameworks and skeletons most games already need. Plus, since it's MIT-licensed, what you make with it is yours, and you'll never have to pay for a license or any royalties.

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