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Watch the full 10-minute devlog video below using (or watch on Cinnamon.)

Welcome! This #Slumberpartyio #Devlog covers the 3D modeling, rigging and animation of the teddy bear avatar (a process I'm still not fully confident with) and a redesign of much of the application's look and feel. (Slumber Party is an upcoming social accountability tool with #WebMonetization. Learn more here.)


Welcome! For a few months now (since April of this year) I've been working on a super secret Web Monetized, fun social accountability tool called Slumber Party (#SlumberPartyio). It's designed for anyone who wants a cozy little place to hang out and get work done with others. While the project is still nowhere near the great Version 1.0, I think I'm ready to start sharing more progress updates, especially with the Web Monetization community (the pro version will be accessible via #WebMonetization)! (At the bottom of this post, you'll find the video devlog.)

I decided to create a tool with all the features I needed: tasks, chat, Pomodoro-style timers, and a gamified way to work synchronously with friends and keep each other accountable. A great added bonus would be a way to track all the time I spent with each task and subject over time.

Watch the full #Devlog #Video below or on Cinnamon.


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