Take the New Game Design Class on Ludonarrative Scaffolding

I've just published my second class, a crash course in game design and uses 10 popular games (including Skyrim, Eastshade, Undertale and others) as examples of good game design. The class focuses on helping students develop or strengthen an idea for a video game.

A sheet of paper, a pencil, a book and a GameBoy sprawled on a wooden surface.

Students will learn about 5 techniques for achieving player engagement (ludonarrative scaffolding) and 2 routes to player immersion (transportation and flow). Take the class here and get 2 weeks of free Skillshare (access to thousands and thousands of classes) while supporting Innkeeper Games. (If you use that link, Innkeeper Games will earn a $10 referral bonus! Thank you so much for your support.)

Importantly, this release also represents a slight shift in Innkeeper Games's focus—firstly, in addition to continuing work on #SlumberParty, which I hope will enter a brief testing phase later this month, I will be working on releasing more game development classes. This is to learn more about the craft, share that knowledge with students through project-based learning, develop a small audience and give the studio a small financial cushion.

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