Object Rotation, Mobile Version, Better Server Stability

Thanks a lot for participating in the #Cowork Alpha. It's incredibly rewarding to see you all using the software I've spent years making, and I am so excited to see you getting value from it. And as always, thank you so much for suggesting features and improvements. You motivate me to keep building!

I've got lots of exciting updates to share with you this week! Subscribe to get these updates in your inbox:

Object Rotation

You can rotate objects in your rooms now! This allows for much more customization of rooms going forward, especially as I continue to add new items (keep a look out for next week 👀).

A user rotating a shrub object using the new rotations feature

The New Mobile PWA

I finally polished up and released the Mobile view to you! It's pretty sleek, and I think you should check it out. I'll be iterating on it for a while yet, but it's designed to feel like a native app. Learn how to install it here. When I can get my hands on a Mac computer for more testing, I'll be able to actually create an app.

Message Editing and Deleting

Ever make a typo? I recognize not everyone has admin powers and can just edit or delete their messages from the Great Cowork Database, so I added chat editing and deletion to your messages.

Redesigned Sign-in/Sign-up/Join Room Flows

I reworked the visuals of the authentication screens to better match the rest of the app and look much more polished, both on mobile and on desktop.

A New Server System

I separated out the authentication server from everything else and added a naive load balancing system. What this means for you: much better uptime and faster updates. I'm working to make sure that as the servers need to grow to handle more traffic, your experience does not change.

Bug Fixes