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Watch the full 10-minute devlog video below using (or watch on Cinnamon.)

Welcome! This #Slumberpartyio #Devlog covers the 3D modeling, rigging and animation of the teddy bear avatar (a process I'm still not fully confident with) and a redesign of much of the application's look and feel. (Slumber Party is an upcoming social accountability tool with #WebMonetization. Learn more here.)


Welcome! For a few months now (since April of this year) I've been working on a super secret Web Monetized, fun social accountability tool called Slumber Party (#SlumberPartyio). It's designed for anyone who wants a cozy little place to hang out and get work done with others. While the project is still nowhere near the great Version 1.0, I think I'm ready to start sharing more progress updates, especially with the Web Monetization community (the pro version will be accessible via #WebMonetization)! (At the bottom of this post, you'll find the video devlog.)

I decided to create a tool with all the features I needed: tasks, chat, Pomodoro-style timers, and a gamified way to work synchronously with friends and keep each other accountable. A great added bonus would be a way to track all the time I spent with each task and subject over time.

Watch the full #Devlog #Video below or on Cinnamon.


Web Monetization is a new way to monetize web games (and any other web content). Users can sign up through a Web Monetization provider (like Coil) to gain access all Web Monetized content, and creators of that content get paid based on the amount of time users spend on their sites. It uses Interledger, a protocol that allows for quick transfers of money, to enable very fast short-term payments.

We can use Web Monetization to earn money from web exported games made with Godot. We can even check if the user is paying and offer them exclusive content if they are! This tutorial offers example approaches to monetizing your web game using Godot and Web Monetization (WM). Check out the demo and source code below.

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